texasstatetroopersassociationThe Texas State Troopers Association (TSTA) is proud to give a helping hand to our local community in Austin, Texas and beyond. The law enforcement officials, both active and retired, make up the bulk of our members, and we enjoy giving back to them but also are passionate about helping those outside of our organization.

The Texas State Troopers Association has lobbied state legislature, assisted troopers in times of need, and participated (fiscally and otherwise) in dozens of memorial services, banquets, cookouts and more on behalf of Texas law enforcement officers since 1984.

texas state troopers association

We feel strongly about honoring the memories of our fallen State Troopers and much of our community work revolves around this. In Texas when a State Trooper is killed in the line of duty, a memorial stone is placed at, or near, the scene of the occurrence. This effort is brought about by Don Metcalf of Katy, Texas. The Texas State Troopers Association has and continues, to support this activity since its inception. Our dedication to this purpose helps honor those that gave their lives so that all of us may live in a safer community, and shows the families that their loved one’s sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

We have helped sponsor memorial highways on behalf of State Troopers who were killed in the line of duty. One such highway was for Glenn Elliott, who, like so many, worked hard for years to keep the Longview Highway safe. We have also helped sponsor the Texas Peace Officers Memorial Ride, the annual Police Unity Tour, and the Javier Arana, Jr. Fallen Trooper Memorial Run for several years.

We consider active or retired DPS members, as well as local elected officials and members of groups like Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) and the American Association Of State Troopers (AAST), to be one big family. That’s why we cherish our ability to support events held by groups such as the 100 Club of Central Texas and the Texas Department of Public Safety Quarter Century Club. One recent event, the DPS Region II Retiree Firearms Qualifications meet-and-meal, was free to retirees thanks to the efforts of groups such as the Texas State Troopers Assocation and DPSOA.

In addition to caring fortexas state troopers association our own, our organization also supports numerous initiatives for the next generation of young lives. We have helped sponsor His Kids, a charitable organization founded by retired State Trooper Richard Williams, for years. This nonprofit was created to help local children who were struggling with poverty and abusive situations, giving them hope and guidance in building their own lives. The mission of His Kids was to give hope to those with little hope, which is why the Texas State Troopers Association originally purchased and donated a 12 passenger van to assist Richard Williams in transporting His Kids to various functions in central Texas. Later the Texas State Troopers Association purchased a large Winnebago RV and employed a Youth Services Director to facilitate His Kids programs as well as other youth programs in Texas.

The Texas State Troopers Association continues to be active in nonprofit work, memorial services, and good-spirited community events throughout Texas.

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